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Save some cash when you bundle our products together. Take your game to the next level with Geko. It's specially formulated to tackle dirty challenges athletes face every day. Just spray, wipe, and play - that simple. With Geko, you're going to play better, period! 

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  • Golf Grip Restoration

    Geko is formulated to restore and rejuvenate golf grips, ensuring a secure and consistent hold on your clubs. Water alone can't match the cleaning effectiveness of Geko, which ensures a thorough clean for your grips, clubs, balls, and even shoes. Say goodbye to ammonia and alcohol-based products like window cleaner; Geko will not harm your valuable golf gear.

  • Enhanced Cleaning + Formulation

    Our proprietary formula aids in removing dirt, grass, and debris from your golf equipment, improving the overall performance and longevity of your gear. Geko's powerful formula efficiently cleans golf balls, helping you achieve optimal spin and control on the course.

  • Tournament-Tested, Golfer Approved

    Geko is “permitted under the rules of golf”, making it a trusted product for tournaments and competitive play. Experience improved consistency in your golf game when you make Geko a part of your round routine. With cleaner grips, clubs, and balls, you'll play with greater confidence, knowing your equipment is in prime condition.