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GEKO is a proprietary formulated cleaner, permitted under the rules of golf, that has been tournament tested and golfer approved, and is specifically designed to gently and effectively clean, restore and rejuvenate, your golf equipment in seconds. 

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  • Golf Grip Restoration

    Geko is formulated to restore and rejuvenate golf grips, ensuring a secure and consistent hold on your clubs.

  • Golf Centered Cleaner

    Geko is a golf dedicated cleaner, dissolving residue like skin oil, sun screen, food oil and other skin treatment lotions.

  • Club Head Cleaning

    Aid in removing dirt, grass, and debris from club heads with Geko, improving the overall performance and longevity of your clubs.

  • Enhanced Golf Ball Cleaning:

    Geko's powerful formula efficiently cleans golf balls, helping you achieve optimal spin and control on the course.

  • Tournament-Tested, Golfer Approved

    Geko is “permitted under the rules of golf”, making it a trusted product for tournaments and competitive play.

  • Gentle Equipment

    Say goodbye to ammonia and alcohol-based products like window cleaner; Geko will not harm your valuable golf gear.

  • Consistency Booster

    Experience improved consistency in your golf game when you make Geko a part of your pre-round routine.

  • Easy Application

    Geko's user-friendly spray and wipe formula makes cleaning a breeze, saving you time and effort on the course.

  • Confidence in Every Swing

    With cleaner grips, clubs, and balls, you'll play with greater confidence, knowing your equipment is in prime condition.

  • Superior Cleaning Power

    Water alone can't match the cleaning effectiveness of Geko, which ensures a thorough clean for your grips, clubs, balls, and even shoes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Brought back to life all my grips! As new. Before I was just using soap and water and it would be a choir and messy. Now it’s fast and efficient. Thank you Geko! GET GEKO

Geko does it all

I been geko now for awhile, I use that shit on everything hahaha in all seriousness, the geko bottles make it easy to always keep one in your bag. I not only use it on my grips but I also use it club heads, my shoes and much more. It’s a do it all cleaner. My only complain is the don’t have a rope hat or a polo. Hurry up geko lol

Dan Colvin
Works great on Moto grips!

This product is incredible! Been using it on the grips on my dirt bike. Not only bring back the clean look, it brings back the tackiness of old grips! This definitely has helped my arm pump as I don’t have to grip so tightly! Also, I tried it on my seat cover as well! Works awesome there too! A++ product and have a customer for life!

Jackson Holt
Geko on a Football

I’m a quarterback, and have been throwing a football for about 11 years now. I’ve always been searching for something to prep my football before throwing, and Geko does a great job of cleaning it and giving it a nice feel. Definitely would recommend, gives the football a fresh feel!

Dustin Johnson
Even works for Mountain Bike grips!!

This stuff is unreal. Literally works on everything I’ve tried. Especially anything with rubber it’s exceptional. I like to ride my mountain bike without gloves and my hands can get sweaty in the summer. Couple sprays of geko before my ride and the grips are super tacky and don’t have to worry about my hands flying off the bars!