GEKO GOLF™ Frequently asked questions

Q:  What is Geko?
Geko is a water based spray that restores the surface texture on your golf grip .  It is simple, convenient, and fits in your bag so you can use it on the course.  It will also clean your club head, golf ball and shoes!  

Q:  Why do we need Geko in the golf bag?
A:  Our hands have oils, and in just a few times holding the club you will begin to notice a slippery shine on the grip.  The oils attract dust, dirt, sweat and other things that make the grip lose its surface texture.  If the soft, fresh feeling grip begins to slip, you automatically grip tighter.  This changes your golf swing without realizing it.

Q:  How often can I use Geko Golf Grip Restore?
A:  Golf is all about consistency, and depending on how much you play, use it as often as you need.  The goal is to maintain a consistent grip pressure so you can play your best golf!  Many players restore their grips once a week but sometimes you need it when your on the course!  Hot days can make your hands sweat more so don't be afraid to use Geko in between shots.

Q:  How do I use Geko Golf Grip Restore?

  • Spray Geko evenly on the grip until it's completely wet.  Just a few sprays should be enough.
  • With a clean dry towel, begin to rub the grip as you normally would clean a grip.  Geko will begin to absorb the accumulated oils and dirt off the grip becoming more difficult to rub the grip with the towel.  TIP: When it becomes too tacky, you can finish drying the grip by wrapping the towel over one finger.
  • Once all the liquid has been dried off with a towel,  the golf club will be ready to swing!  It might feel extra tacky at first until the grip completely dries.  It should only be a minute or two.  Sunlight will speed up the process. 

Q:  What other items can I use Geko Golf Grip Restore with?

  • After you hit another green in regulation,  use Geko to restore your golf ball.  Your golf ball also accumulates dirt and oil which leads to the cover hardening.  Before your golf round, wet your towel as usual but spray some Geko on it so you can restore your golf ball back its original look and feel.  
  • Geko will also aid in restoring your club head.  With your wet towel (and Geko), clean your club head in between shots.  If you really need a thorough cleaning, a few sprays of Geko directly on the club head will make it much easier to clean.
  • Geko can also clean your golf shoes!  Spray Geko evenly (not too much) on your shoes and wipe dry with a CLEAN portion of your towel.  Make those white golf shoes look fresh round after round.

Q:  Where else can I buy Geko Golf Grip Restore?
A:  We have Geko available at Amazon.  If you are an Amazon member, shop here to benefit from Prime Shipping.  Be aware you are subject to Amazon's return policy if you purchase from Amazon.