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Keep your golf gear clean with our Signature Waffle Microfiber Towel. Constructed from 500GSM waffle texture, our towel is one of the most durable on the market. The Geko Golf Towel is available in ghost white, to help you keep track of dirty areas and features a built-in silicone scrubber to easily and gently remove dirt and polish your golf gear. We finished the towel with our easy-hang webbing loop, making it convenient to hang the towel over any club or alignment stick.

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  • Tour-Inspired Design

    The Geko Golf tour towel not only excels in functionality but also offers a sophisticated tour look. Golfers can enjoy the high-quality feel and appearance that align with the standards set by professional tours around the world.

  • Caddy Size for Versatility

    With a generous length of 36 inches, the caddy-sized towel allows for easy sectioning into dirty and clean sides, resembling the approach taken by professional caddies on the tour. This size also permits the creation of wet and dry sections for added versatility.

  • Integrated Silicon Scrubber

    Featuring a silicon scrubber, the towel assists in efficiently removing dirt from the grooves of golf clubs. This added functionality contributes to better club maintenance and performance during a round.

  • Durable Construction

    The 500GSM thickness not only enhances absorbency but also contributes to the overall durability of the towel. This ensures a long-lasting and reliable accessory for golfers.

  • Visibility of Dirt and Grease

    The Geko Golf tour towel's white color ensures that dirt and grease are easily visible, allowing golfers to dry grips with clean sections and maintain optimal performance, a practice followed by many tour players.

  • High-Quality Microfiber Construction 

    Crafted with 500GSM thick waffle weave microfiber, the towel offers superior absorbency and durability. Microfiber, known for its effectiveness, is chosen over cotton for enhanced performance.

  • Consistency Booster

    Experience improved consistency in your golf game when you make Geko a part of your pre-round routine.

  • Confidence in Every Swing

    With cleaner grips, clubs, and balls, you'll play with greater confidence, knowing your equipment is in prime condition.

  • Other Features

    - Dimensions: 20" x 36" 

    - Embedded easy-hang loop 

    - Double-stitched edges

    - Lint-free design

    - Machine washable