GEKO GOLF™ Grip Restore and Cleaner (12 Pack) - save 50% - FREE SHIPPING

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  • Golf Grip Restoration: Geko is formulated to restore and rejuvenate golf grips, ensuring a secure and consistent hold on your clubs.
  • Golf Centered Cleaner: Geko is a golf dedicated cleaner, dissolving residue like skin oil, sun screen, food oil and other skin treatment lotions.
  • Club Head Cleaning: Aid in removing dirt, grass, and debris from club heads with Geko, improving the overall performance and longevity of your clubs.
  • Enhanced Golf Ball Cleaning: Geko's powerful formula efficiently cleans golf balls, helping you achieve optimal spin and control on the course.
  • Tournament-Tested, Golfer Approved: Geko is “permitted under the rules of golf”, making it a trusted product for tournaments and competitive play.
  • Gentle on Equipment: Say goodbye ammonia and alcohol-based products like window cleaner; Geko will not harm your valuable golf gear.
  • Consistency Booster: Experience improved consistency in your golf game when you make Geko a part of your pre-round routine.
  • Easy Application: Geko's user-friendly spray and wipe formula makes cleaning a breeze, saving you time and effort on the course.
  • Confidence in Every Swing: With cleaner grips, clubs, and balls, you'll play with greater confidence, knowing your equipment is in prime condition.
  • Superior Cleaning Power: Water alone can't match the cleaning effectiveness of Geko, which ensures a thorough clean for your grips, clubs, balls, and even shoes.